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MobaXterm new release 7.6

MobaXterm new release 7.6

Posted on by MobaXterm dev team
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Hi everyone!

We just built a new release of MobaXterm (version 7.6)!

This new version comes with several new improvements among which:

  • support for the new technical preview of Windows 10 (6629)
  • full support for HDPI (UHD / 4K / Retina) displays with improved graphics and fonts
  • improved SSH client with updated SSH keys and encryption algorithms

MobaXterm is your ultimate toolbox for remote computing: in a single Windows application, it provides loads of functions that are tailored for programmers, webmasters, IT administrators and pretty much all users who need to handle their remote jobs in a more simple fashion. MobaXterm provides all the important remote network tools (SSH, X11, RDP, VNC, FTP, MOSH, …) and Unix commands (bash, ls, cat, sed, grep, awk, rsync, …) to Windows desktop, in a single portable exe file which works out of the box.

Here is the full changelog:

  • Improvement: Updated "ssh-copy-id" tool in order to handle new SSH keys (ed25519)
  • Improvement: MobaXterm is now compatible with Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9926
  • Improvement: Upgraded OpenSSH to version 6.7 with new ed25519 (curve25519) SSH keys support
  • Improvement: MobaXterm is now compatible with 4K (Ultra-HD / High-DPI) monitors. Native HDPI mode has been added
  • Improvement: Added a new RDP setting in order to automatically adapt the remote desktop size to the current DPI size of the screen
  • Improvement: Increased font size for X server on 4K (UHD) screens
  • Improvement: You can now select the scaling factor of MobaXterm interface using the "-dpi" command line parameter
  • Improvement: Switched from Heimdal to MIT implementation of Kerberos for SSH
  • Bugfix: Terminal lines were truncated after minimizing MobaXterm terminal
  • Bugfix: TAB key was not correctly recorded in macros
  • Bugfix: SFTP sessions through a web or socks proxy did not work with some proxy configurations
  • Bugfix: In the SFTP browser, setting an empty file name is not allowed anymore
  • Bugfix: With some skins, the "Quick connect" button was not displayed correctly
  • Improvement: Added a tooltip with the full tab title when mouse hovers a tab with shrinked title
  • Improvement: Added a setting in the "Terminal" section for hiding terminal scrollbar
  • Improvement: Added a setting in the "Terminal" section for hiding the separation line between each command in local terminal
  • Bugfix: The "X11 compatible keyboard" setting is now applied without restarting MobaXterm
  • Bugfix: In compact mode, main window state (maximized or normal) is now correctly applied at MobaXterm startup
  • Improvement: It is now possible to leave the "remote user" field blank in order to use the default SSH user in MobaSSHTunnel
  • Improvement: Added new shortcuts for increasing/decreasing font sizes: Ctrl+Minus_Key and Ctrl+Plus_Key
  • Improvement: Added "Toggle scrollbar" option to the right-click menu on a terminal
  • Improvement: Added "Flip screen" option to the right-click menu on a terminal which allows toggling primary/alternate screens (useful when using VIM in order to display underlying shell output)
  • Improvement: Improved the "apt-get" feature (a.k.a. "MobApt") in order to allow downloads using default Windows internet connection settings
  • Improvement: Added beep (bell feature) to MobaXterm terminal as a new setting under the "Terminal section" in global configuration
  • Improvement: Added "beep" terminal command for use in shell scripts
  • Improvement: Updated X server to version 1.16.3 (enhanced OpenGL support)
  • Bugfix: X server sets a default keyboard layout when no keyboard has been automatically detected
  • Improvement: The "Auto-reconnect" button now allows SSH tunnels to reconnect even after a network failure
  • Bugfix: Using web browser sessions, on some websites, the return key was not handled correctly

You can download this new release from MobaXterm website.