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SSH tunnels and port forwarding

Hi everyone, Today, we will try to give you a simple explanation of a life-saver feature: SSH tunnels and port-forwarding! There are many cases in which you will find SSH-tunnels very useful: when your remote server is not directly accessible (behind a firewall or in a DMZ) when your remote program only binds to (if you are using a mysql instance only bound to localhost on your web server for instance) when you want to secure a protocol (like VNC or X11) by transporting it through an encrypted SSH channel when you connect to a home computer, NAS or Raspberry Pi from the Internet when you need to get through a network equipment where only SSH protocol is allowed when you open a connection to a remote server and need to easily open a reverse communication channel from the remote server to your local computer In all these situations, you will be able to achieve your goal easily thanks to SSH-tunnels. Read more »

Secure MobaXterm for your company

When you purchase MobaXterm Pro Edition, you get access to a registered copy of MobaXterm and another program called Customizer. Using MobaXterm Customizer, you will be able to generate customized copies of MobaXterm with your own logo and your default settings. Settings specified in the Customizer will be hard-coded within the generated executable itself. We already discussed about MobaXterm customization in another article. We will now try to explain in details how to secure your MobaXterm installation for your company use. Read more »