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New version of MobaXterm (10.2)

New version of MobaXterm (10.2)

Posted on by MobaXterm dev team
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Hi everyone!

We just released a new version of MobaXterm (10.2)!

MobaXterm is your ultimate toolbox for remote computing: in a single Windows application, it provides loads of functions that are tailored for programmers, webmasters, IT administrators and pretty much all users who need to handle their remote jobs in a more simple fashion. MobaXterm provides all the important remote network tools (SSH, X11, RDP, VNC, FTP, MOSH, …) to Windows desktop, in a single portable exe file which works out of the box.

This release adds a new installer program in Professional Edition in order to ease install/update process and to have digitally signed executables, even on customized MobaXterm versions. Now, you can verify MobaXterm Home or Pro executable integrity by right-clicking on it, go to “Properties” and check that it is properly signed with Mobatek certificate. In order to reduce false alarms with antivirus programs, MobaXterm is also no longer compressed using UPX, even if it makes the main executable slightly bigger.

Here are the main improvements since version 9.4:

  • Security fix: we fixed the CVE-2017-6805 vulnerability found in the embedded TFTP server: in version 9.4 and before, when you started the TFTP server, some users could download a file which was outside the chosen TFTP root folder. This has been fixed in version 10.2
  • New professional generator: this new program for professional users allows you to generate your MobaXterm Professional copy, with your own settings included. The generator is able to directly install MobaXterm, to generate the MSI installer or to generate the portable package
  • New graphical user interface: we performed many graphical enhancements by adding a new default UI theme, enhancing global settings and sessions ergonomics, eliminating flickering effects on tabs and buttons, ...
  • New popup console: we added a new semi-transparent popup terminal which can be shown/hidden, using a simple keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+M by default), like the great "Guake" top-down console. You can for instance hide MobaXterm using "Ctrl+M", browse your folders in Windows explorer and when you need it, you can call the popup console using Ctrl+Alt+M. The console will show up instantly and the shell will automatically start in the corresponding folder.
  • Customization capabilities: you can now customize your session icons by picking up your own icons from your hard drive, choose MobaXterm interface overall size (font, icons, ...), add timestamp to each line of sessions logs and many other new customization capabilities
  • Speed improvements: we tried to make MobaXterm faster in many ways: we improved startup speed, SCP/SFTP transfer speed, syntax highlighting and tabs activity tracking speed, and overall interface speed.

Besides these additions and improvements we have tried to fix several limitations and bugs that you reported. As usual, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

MobaXterm v10

Full changelog:

version 10.2:

  • Vulnerability fix: embedded TFTP server does not allow users to retrieve a file outside chosen root directory anymore: fixes CVE-2017-6805

version 10.1:

  • Improvement: created MobaXterm Generator program for professional edition: it is now easier to generate MSI installer or portable package for Pro users
  • Improvement: took professional customization settings out of MobaXterm executable, in order to keep pro executable and MSI installer signed
  • Improvement: merged MobaXterm and Customizer executables: the customizer can now be tested from "Help" menu in Home edition
  • Bugfix: the manual "check for update" feature was always detecting an outdated version, even when MobaXterm version was up to date
  • Bugfix: after zooming/unzooming terminal font, the terminal window was not placed properly
  • Bugfix: fixed the "RDP for High-DPI" feature

version 10.0:

  • New feature: added new "Flat design" icons theme, for a simple and clear look and feel
  • New feature: you can now select one of the 2 icon themes from MobaXterm global settings: "Flat design" (new theme) or "Crystal" (old theme)
  • New feature: you can now set your own custom session icons for each entry in the "Saved sessions" tree
  • New feature: you can now increase MobaXterm graphical interface elements size from global settings window for better readability
  • New feature: easily show/hide MobaXterm using a new keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+M by default): let MobaXterm run hidden and instantly show it when you need it using a single keystroke
  • New feature: added a simple semi-transparent popup terminal which can be shown/hidden using a simple keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+M by default), like the great "Guake" top-down console
  • Improvement: enhanced transfer speed for SSH-browser, when "SCP (enhanced speed)" setting is chosen in session parameters
  • Improvement: added identification of Cisco devices which do not support SSH-browser for automatic override
  • Improvement: new global setting under "Terminal" tab allows to log terminal content with a timestamp for each line
  • Improvement: enhanced Byobu terminal type support by properly handling Shift+F9, Ctrl+F9, Shift+F11 and Ctrl+F11 sequences
  • Improvement: added "Print" feature with syntax coloration for MobaTextEditor
  • Improvement: improved graphical interface for advanced terminal settings section, in session editor
  • Improvement: when clicking on the "Credentials" button in session settings, the "credentials" section is displayed by default
  • Improvement: improved mouse input handling for RDP sessions (move windows and drag/drop operations now work in any session)
  • Improvement: improved custom logo drawing when logo file is in PNG format with alpha transparency enabled
  • Improvement: added the "GIT_EDITOR" environment variable set to "/bin/vim"
  • Improvement: improved interface speed when "Track terminal changes" is enabled
  • Improvement: improved overall SSH speed by modifying RX/TX buffers handling
  • Improvement: ctrl+end now works properly in "less" program
  • Improvement: files containing ":" on remote Linux servers can now be downloaded (":" characters are replaced by "_")
  • Improvement: added a new undocumented INI setting "MobaNoAclForDrives": if set to "1", local terminal will not use ACLs under /drives
  • Improvement: new setting to allow or disallow multiple MobaXterm instances
  • Improvement: added a basic "Ping host" menu entry on sessions
  • Improvement: added 230400 speed setting for serial (COM ports) connections
  • Improvement: on 64-bit systems, Powershell sessions no longer use 32-bit version of Powershell, but 64-bit version instead
  • Improvement: added the "png2ico" terminal tool
  • Improvement: improved MobaXterm start up speed
  • Improvement: decreased MobaXterm executable size
  • Improvement: redesigned MobaXterm logo
  • Bugfix: eliminated some potential flickering effects or visual glitches on tabs and buttons when no skin was selected
  • Bugfix: at MobaXterm startup focus is set to the master password popup window, even if another window was focused before
  • Bugfix: fixed file dates in SSH-browser with SCP protocol enabled: in some specific cases, the year was not displayed properly
  • Bugfix: fixed an unexpected error message in SSH-browser, with SCP protocol enabled, when file path length is more than 128 characters
  • Bugfix: fixed a potential file corruption when downloading files in ASCII mode from some Unix servers using SFTP protocol
  • Bugfix: fixed SSH-browser download of multiple folders, when some sub-folders are hidden
  • Bugfix: when session username contained a backslash, session logs were created under a subdirectory
  • Bugfix: eliminated a potential freeze after restarting a terminal session
  • Bugfix: reconnection message was sometimes displayed even if "Display reconnection message" box was unchecked in the session settings
  • Bugfix: removed unexpected error message when cancelling master password after resuming from standby mode
  • Bugfix: eliminated some potential flickering effects or visual glitches into VNC sessions when skins were enabled
  • Bugfix: fixed a bug with the "Delete all passwords" button: when no username was specified, some passwords were not deleted
  • Bugfix: fixed Socks5 proxy connections for FTP sessions which were using SOCKS4 protocol instead of SOCKS5
  • Bugfix: fixed some popup windows which sometimes went behind main window
  • Bugfix: fixed the "tput" commandline tool which failed when using "tput cup 1" for instance
  • Bugfix: in some specific cases, sessions did not start and "New session" window was shown after scrolling down sessions tree and starting the top entry
  • Bugfix: fixed display glitch with residual text in the bottom and right margins of terminals after resize
  • Bugfix: credentials can no longer be created with "@" character in their names, in order to avoid conflicts
  • Bugfix: under Windows XP, checkboxes under the "Terminal" tab of global settings were grey
  • Bugfix: replaced ":" character in session log file names for sessions using IPv6
  • Bugfix: multi-selection in sessions tree was not properly rendered when a skin was active

You can download this new release from MobaXterm website.

We wanted to say a big thanks to you all. We realize that many of you love working with MobaXterm and we are proud to hear that you spread the word about MobaXterm. This is very motivating for us, thank you!

We hope you will enjoy working with this new version of MobaXterm!